[Gluster-users] mounting glusterfs on /etc/mtab read only

Enno Lange Enno.Lange at iem.rwth-aachen.de
Tue Mar 10 07:31:24 UTC 2009

On Monday 09 March 2009 18:46:28 Smart Weblications GmbH - Florian Wiessner 
> why not use tmpfs and link /etc/mtab to tmpfs?
This would actually give the same result: You can mount any glusterfs volume 
but they will not appear in <linkto>/mtab. Though, they will appear 
in /proc/mounts.
This is somewhat tricky, as you wont't be able to unmount the volume 
IMHO this is quite a disadvantage because for any (system-)diskless 
computation cluster this tricky situation comes up.

Another workaround might be to replace /bin/mount with a script, which keeps 
the link <linkto>/mtab in sync with /proc/mounts. Will check on this soon.


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