[Gluster-users] AFR, writebehind, and debug/trace

Edmond Lo elo at storefront.com
Mon Jun 29 21:59:30 UTC 2009

Did you delete the output file after running your dd test? I saw significant improvement when I modified my dd test to delete the out file after each run.


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I just got started with glusterfs.  I read the docs over the weekend  
and today created a simple setup: two servers exporting a brick and  
one client mounting them with AFR. I am seeing very poor write  
performance on a dd test, e.g.:

time dd if=/dev/zero of=./local-file bs=8192 count=125000

presumably due to a very large number of write operations (because  
when I increase the blocksize to 64K, the performance increases by  
2x).  I enabled the writebehind translator but see no improvement.  I  
then enabled a trace translator on both sides of the writebehind and  
seem to be seeing that write-behind is not batching any of the  

Server vol file:

volume posix
   type storage/posix
   option directory /mnt/glusterfsd-export
volume locks
   type features/locks
   subvolumes posix
volume brick
   type performance/io-threads
   option thread-count 8
   subvolumes locks
volume server
   type protocol/server
   option transport-type tcp
   option auth.addr.brick.allow *
   subvolumes brick

Client vol file:

volume remote1
   type protocol/client
   option transport-type tcp
   option remote-host web-1
   option remote-subvolume brick
volume remote2
   type protocol/client
   option transport-type tcp
   option remote-host web-2
   option remote-subvolume brick
volume replicate
   type cluster/replicate
   subvolumes remote1 remote2
volume trace-below
   type debug/trace
   subvolumes replicate
volume writebehind
   type performance/write-behind
   option cache-size 1MB
   subvolumes trace-below
volume trace-above
   type debug/trace
   subvolumes writebehind

With this configuration,  I re-ran by dd test but with only  
count=100.  The log shows:

[root at web-3 glusterfs-mount]# grep trace /var/log/glusterfs/mnt- 
glusterfs-mount.log | grep above | wc
     245    3591   42117
[root at web-3 glusterfs-mount]# grep trace /var/log/glusterfs/mnt- 
glusterfs-mount.log | grep below | wc
     252    3678   43095

So, there are as many writes to trace-below as trace-above.

What am I not understanding?



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