[Gluster-users] hostname vs IP in 2.0.2

Pavel Říha pavel.riha at trilogic.cz
Sat Jun 27 14:27:48 UTC 2009

Pavel Říha napsal(a):
> Hi all,
> I upgraded to 2.0.2 and I can't use hostnames from /etc/hosts in bind-addr in 
> vol file or even the first (server) field in /etc/fstab !
> IP address works. Maybe hostname would work too if it will be in DNS, but from 
> /etc/hosts don't :(
> It stops on startup on validation.
> We don't use DNS for our local interfaces and I think it's not even a good idea.
> Is there some reason for this change?

I apologize for my violent message. It's not about /etc/hosts ..
I found the validation function in source code and now I see it's only the 
character test problem.
It's our fault that we use illegal character ("_" underscore) in local hostnames

so sorry for the mail, but perhaps someone found this information usefull.


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