[Gluster-users] list files very slow when 400K+ files in Glusterfs 1.3.12

Martin Reissner mreissner at wavecon.de
Sat Jun 27 09:11:33 UTC 2009


I don't have experience with your exact setup especially not with
GlusterFS 1.3 but what you could try to increase performance is

- Update to GlusterFS 2.0.2
- Use newest FUSE (and try GlusterFS patched FUSE)
- Replace the Unify Translator by DHT
- If possible put the files in some subfolders, that should increase
performance when dirlisting

I tried with 4 Servers unified with the DHT Translator and ~20000 files
that were a bit smaller than yours and the performance was reasonable
compared to a single NFS share.


lxcypp wrote:
> I've bind 6 harddisk to one big volume with unify mode and mount it to /disk
> .
> After copied 400,000+ files into it /disk/files/ directory ( each file size
> is about 500K~1M ),
> when I execute then command "ls /disk",
> I get no response for serval minitues.
> Has anyone ever encountered with this problem?
> I want to know how to solve this problem (at least reduce the time of
> waiting)?
> Has the newest version of glusterfs (v2.0) solved this problem?
> Thanks for your help!
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