[Gluster-users] alfresco with GFS2.0.0

eagleeyes eagleeyes at 126.com
Thu Jun 4 07:11:29 UTC 2009

       Were there  somebody   who had  used alfresco and  GFS work well? 
       I met some problems when alfresco  create it index files in GFS ,alfresco couldn't start up ,but use server's local dir for alfresco ,it start well.
      The alfresco  log is this :
          14:22:43,009 User:System ERROR [lucene.index.IndexInfo] Channel reopen failed on index info files in: /data/lucene-indexes/user/alfrescoUserStore
java.io.IOException: No such device
            at sun.nio.ch.FileChannelImpl.map0(Native Method)
            at sun.nio.ch.FileChannelImpl.map(FileChannelImpl.java:747)
            at org.alfresco.repo.search.impl.lucene.index.IndexInfo.writeStatusToFile(IndexInfo.java:2133)
            at org.alfresco.repo.search.impl.lucene.index.IndexInfo.writeStatus(IndexInfo.java:2122)
        It seem that  GFS didn't support java.io.IOException ,who can help me ???  Waitting for your help .


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