[Gluster-users] CIFS GlusterFS 2.2 FUSE and WINDOWS

Vahriç Muhtaryan vahric at doruk.net.tr
Mon Jun 1 06:36:57 UTC 2009

Thank you very much
I'm waiting August, thanks again


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Vahriç Muhtaryan wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm waiting CIFS support for becase of our environment and have a few
>  questions .
> ·         I.s there any deadline  for version 2.2 ?

2.1 is roughly due in August so you could estimate 2.2 to be
available roughly 3 months after.

> ·         I wonder after CIFS support available how we will connect
> to glusterfs from our windows servers ? FUSE for windows ready  ?
> because I

Windows client will be able to connect to GlusterFS through
a CIFS front-end. At the server, the CIFS will run inside the
GlusterFS server binary so FUSE will not be required.

These are, of course, early ideas on how we want to implement it.
Things could change when we get down to it.


> afraid when see this sentence "Is it really true that there are no
> FUSE port for Windows? If anyone knows of one add it to this list,
> please." I.n sourceforge. Will be any recommendation after CIFS
> support and version 2.2 released by glusterfs developers ?
> Regards
> Vahric
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