[Gluster-users] SPARC compatibility

Kyle Dewey ktd1962 at rit.edu
Sun Jul 26 16:23:16 UTC 2009


Forgive me if this is a stupid question, or if this is in the wrong list.  I'm trying to run GlusterFS on a set of SUN Ultra 5's running Debian Linux.  I get it to compile fine with the FUSE module, but then on trying to run either the client or the server the programs terminate abnormally with a bus error and a core dump.  They don't immediately crash either, but it seems during the process of negotiating a connection.

I don't think I'm doing anything wrong; I have another set of x86 systems running Ubuntu Linux on which I could compile and run GlusterFS fine using the same process that failed on the Ultra 5's.  

Does GlusterFS only run on certain architectures?  I've seen other questions in the list relating to SPARC.



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