[Gluster-users] GlusterFS Failing to write Maya/Renderman Studio Pointcloud files

Todd Daugherty todd at truthout.org
Tue Jul 21 18:30:18 UTC 2009

I have a 4 node cluster in test production and this is quite the problem.

Linux Fedora 10/11 client Fuse 2.74 Gluster 2.0.3
Gentoo 2.6.27-gentoo-r8 server Gluster 2.0.3

When mounted native the filesystem does not complete the writing of
Point Cloud files. When mounted via CIFS (glusterfs exported via
Samba) it writes the files.

I started an strace of the process but it crashed. Too many steps
before it actually gets to the Point Cloud generation. Renderman
Studio runs via Maya so that is VERY slow on the strace as well.

Any ideas of how to solve this problem?

Everything thing else is working. Had a problem with Houdini Mantra in
Gluster 2.0.1 that was fixed with an upgrade to 2.0.3. I was hoping
2.0.4 would fix this problem but no dice.


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