[Gluster-users] Couple of pre-install questions

Gary Gogick gary at workhabit.com
Mon Jul 20 11:29:13 UTC 2009

Heya all,

I'm currently evaluating potential solutions for storage, for a high
performance cluster that's going to be running virtualization/web
applications.  Main concerns are reliability and scalability, so Gluster's
definitely of great interest.

Right now, I've got three Sun x4500's (connected via Infiniband) to play
with.  Figuring on using those as bricks, running OpenSolaris/ZFS.  After
reading docs/various how-to's, I'm fairly certain it wouldn't be that
difficult to set two of these up in a sort of raid 10 config, and expand in
the future via adding additional pairs of servers.  Wondering if there's any
potential configuration that would allow for more of a distributed
replication/redundancy as opposed to direct mirroring.


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