[Gluster-users] DHT with AFR

Kirby Zhou kirbyzhou at sohu-rd.com
Wed Jul 15 15:45:03 UTC 2009

AFAIK, There is no method to redistribute your already stored files except
copy out then copy in again.

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> ----- "Hiren Joshi" <josh at moonfruit.com> wrote:
> > My thinking is both on the client so:
> > I AFR my nodes.
> > I then DHT my AFR bricks.
> > I then mount the DHT vols.
> >  
> > Or would I get better performance the other way around?
> DHT over AFR'd pairs is the configuration you want. You can
> then add another AFR pair whenever you want to scale up.

When I add another pair, is there a way of re-distributing the data
evenly? Will this have a big performance hit?

> Vikas
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