[Gluster-users] i cannot make a client work well with 3 servers

Yi Ling lingyi.pro at gmail.com
Mon Jul 13 09:59:29 UTC 2009

volume file of server 1 is as follow:
------------begin -----------
volume brick
        type storage/posix
        option directory /home/gfs-data

volume locks
        type features/posix-locks
        subvolumes brick

volume server
        type protocol/server
        option transport-type tcp/server
        option transport.socket.listen-port 6996
        option transport.socket.bind-address
        subvolumes locks
        option auth.addr.brick.allow *
        option auth.addr.locks.allow *
any mistake in the volume file?

i had noticed the chain, but it still doesn't work. i refered to much
information  searched on the internet,but most of then are related to
the older version, and little helpful to solve the problem.    im so
puzzled and confused~~~~~

2009/7/13, Jeff Evans <jeffe at tricab.com>:
> Hi Ling,
>> [2009-07-13 11:37:18] W [posix.c:786:init] posix-locks: Volume is
>> dangling. Please check the volume file.
> This means that nothing is using your posix-locks, so it won't be
> helping.
> Volume specs are built up in a chain, so don't forget to ensure that
> you also change your server volume definition to utilize additional
> translators that you add in.
> Jeff.

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