[Gluster-users] Difference in transltors and a question about live heal

Davide D'Amico davide.damico at gmail.com
Sun Feb 22 08:54:29 UTC 2009

I was looking for a scalable-ha nfs storage solution and glusterfs seems to be
the only out there :-)

I was reading the documentation and I cannot find the difference
between "Replicate
Translator" and "HA Translator": the latest seems to be a particular case of the
first one when I have only two bricks. Is it right?
I intend to create a scalable nfs cluster, so I can add storage nodes
to increase
storage size: have I to use unify on top of AFR translator (i.e. unify
on a replicated

I've read that glusterfs has problems with self-healing and opened
files: is it true?

Thanks in advance,


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