[Gluster-users] Recommended Stripe Width

Jordan Mendler jmendler at ucla.edu
Sat Feb 21 07:02:43 UTC 2009

I am prototyping GlusterFS with ~50-60TB of raw disk space across non-raided
disks in ~30 compute nodes. I initially separated the nodes into groups of
two, and did a replicate across each set of single drives in a pair of
servers. Next I did a stripe across the 33 resulting AFR groups, with a
block size of 1MB and later with the default block size. With these
configurations I am only seeing throughput of about 15-25 MB/s, despite a
full Gig-E network.

What is generally the recommended configuration in a large striped
environment? I am wondering if the number of nodes in the stripe is causing
too much overhead, or if the bottleneck is likely somewhere else. In
addition, I saw a thread on the list that indicates it is better to
replicate across stripes rather than stripe across replicates. Does anyone
have any comments or opinion regarding this?

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