[Gluster-users] Clustering Samba with GlusterFS with Backend

Hoe Woon Chian hoewc at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 19 00:41:58 UTC 2009

Hi All,

Good day to everyone. 

I have setup a test with Samba CTDB and GlusterFS. Currently Samba Team
support for GPFS filesystem and also Lustre's page mention they support the
Samba Clustered.

Understand that Samba's Share Lock and Byte Range Lock is very depend on the
inode on disk, so I need to make sure the inode number across the cluster
disk must be same. 
Senario 1, I use AFR translator, I use stat command to check the inode
number of a file, it show me a different number of inode on different
client. Senario 2, I use distribute, result is same with different inode

Only workable translator is Unify which the device id and inode number is
same on client 1, client 2, client .....
So the only workable Translator is Unify, but also understand that Unify
have some performace issue, will Distribute translator replace Unify? Or is
that any method to have consistent device id and inode across cluster disk?

Another question is how can I get Posix ACL support with GlusterFS? 


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