[Gluster-users] Gluster + MySQL WH question

Charlie Waters cwaters at alchemysi.com
Wed Feb 18 13:46:51 UTC 2009

Hello all,

I am looking to build a scalable MySQL data warehouse and am  
considering GlusterFS.  Specifically, I would like to use the Switch  
Scheduler to store MyISAM and Infobright tables across the parallel  
disk cluster.  Perhaps something like

option switch.case a*:brick1, 1*:brick1, b*:brick2, 2*:brick2,  
c*:brick3, 3*:brick3, etc....

Furthermore, I suspect the Switch Scheduler could reference a  
subvolume where GFS1 handles tables 0*, 3*, 6*, 9* and GFS2 handles  
1*, 4*, 7* and GFS3 handles tables 2*, 5*, 8* (and alpha in a similar  
manner), thus somewhat abstracting the logical versus physical  
storage.  To scale horizontally, more nodes could be added to GFS1,  
GFS2, and GFS3 as performance/storage requirements dictate.

Are there any examples of such a thing being done?  Am I WAY off base  
here?  Any guidance would be helpful as we are still in the planning  
stages of this.  Many thanks!


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