[Gluster-users] One way (read) topology

Anand Avati avati at zresearch.com
Tue Feb 10 13:53:13 UTC 2009

> This probably possible to do with GlusterFS, but I'd like to get the experts
> opinion.
> I have several servers running, each writing to their own disks. Also, I
> have another server that needs to access this info.
> What I'd like to do, is to unify all the servers disks into a single volume,
> without HA/tolerance (for now). The the server could access and read the
> information from this volume in a centralized way.
> So I interested in following:
> 1) Re-use existing data - without reinstalling the servers.
> 2) Export all into a single volume.
> 3) Potentially in future, add fault tolerance by adding more servers/disks.
> I asked before about 1 and 2 - but would like to be sure that it indeed
> would work.
> 3 also would be nice.
> A simple sample file for such topology won't hurt as well ;).

Have you looked at NUFA? The latest NUFA and distribute translators
are compatible with each other. You can have the 'writers' in a NUFA
cluster (where they write to local nodes, but with a global namespace
-- everybodys data accessible). With the same volfile, you can replace
nufa with distribute, and have external machines access this volume as


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