[Gluster-users] Tail not working.

Rash rash at konto.pl
Fri Feb 6 14:53:19 UTC 2009

pią, 06 lut 2009, 12:00:17 +0100, Rash napisał(a):
> My configuation is:
> - posix, posix-locks, io-threds, write-behind, read-ahead and io-cache
>   size on server side,
> - 4 clients, two afrs, one dht, io-threds, write-behind, read-ahead and
>   io-cache on client side.
> There are 3 nodes acting as server and client. On one node there is
> process which writes to a log file, which is alwaeys opened by this
> process, and on every node tail is not working. Simply - does not show
> the latest lines. Is there some configuration option to turn it to work
> or this is glusterfs issue?

I found out that tail is working on 2 nodes (ex. n2 and n3) and on the other
one - no. If i'm watching another file - on other node I can not saw tail
changes, but cat on node n1 and n2. What's the problem? Configurations
are the same on every node.

rash at konto pl

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