[Gluster-users] GlusterSP fails to create a volume

mike foster mfosterm at gmail.com
Tue Dec 22 19:06:59 UTC 2009


I have 4 test VMs with GlusterSP running on each, and configured each to
have 1 8GB drive containing the OS and 3 additional drives of 1GB each.
However, every time I attempt to create a volume across 2 servers or even
the primary server I get an error message "Create volume failed in one of
the server". I can't find any log information to find out why this is
happening. This was the first attempt to create a volume.

Additionally, even though the volume creation fails, their are client vol
files generated in /etc/glusterfs, namely gluster-tcp.vol and

Also, as an aside, the primary gluster installation seems to lose track of
its member servers. Occassionally the other 3 disappear from the server list
and won't reappear unless I reboot them.

- Mike

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