[Gluster-users] Problems with self heal on replicated DHT

Roland Rabben roland at jotta.no
Tue Dec 15 11:14:35 UTC 2009

I am using Gluster 2.06 on my servers and clients. My setup is a replicated
with cluster/replicate and then distribued with DHT.

 My bricks are paired. Brick1 on server1 is replicated to Brick2 on server 2
and so on.

My problem is that it seems that self heal only works on the secondary
bricks (Brick2 in this example).

For a test I can rm a file from Brick2 behind GlusterFS's back, run a self
heal on my dfs with ls -lR, and the file will be recovered on Brick2 as

However if I remove a file from Brick1 and run the same self heal, it
doesn't work. Not only that, but the file is now gone from my dfs. (It is
still stored on Brick2)

I have tried using option "lookup-unhashed on" and option "lookup-unhashed
yes". (There seem to be some confusion to what is the correct syntax in the
docs. The example<http://gluster.com/community/documentation/index.php/Translators/cluster/distribute>uses
"yes" and the text below says default is "on").

Is this the expected behavior?

Please advise on how to fix this. I want a self heal to fix both my primary
and secondary bricks.


Roland Rabben

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