[Gluster-users] V3.0 and rsync crash

Larry Bates larry.bates at vitalesafe.com
Mon Dec 14 14:55:26 UTC 2009

I'm a newbie and am setting up glusterFS for the first time.  Right now I have a
single server, single client setup that seemed to be working on V2.09 properly.

Just upgraded from 2.09 to 3.0 and am noticing the following problem:


Server and client setup is working and glusterFS is mounting on client properly.

Start rsync job to synchronize file between local storage and glusterFS volume

Interrupting rsync job with Ctrl-C crashes the server.  Restarting the server

client is required.


server config file:


volume brick1

  type storage/posix                          # POSIX FS translator

  option directory /mnt/glusterfs/vol1        # Export this directory



volume brick2

  type storage/posix

  option directory /mnt/glusterfs/vol2



volume ns

  type storage/posix

  option directory /mnt/glusterfs-ns



volume bricks

  type cluster/distribute

  option namespace ns

  option scheduler alu  # adptive least usage scheduler

  subvolumes brick1 brick2



## Add network serving capability to above unified bricks

volume server

  type protocol/server

  option transport-type tcp                       # For TCP/IP transport

  #option transport.socket.listen-port 6996       # Default is 6996

  #option client-volume-filename /etc/glusterfs/glusterfs-client.vol

  subvolumes bricks

  option auth.addr.bricks.allow 10.0.0.*          # access to volume



client config file:


volume storage

  type protocol/client

  option transport-type tcp            # for TCP/IP transport

  option remote-host gfs001            # IP address of the remote volume

  option remote-subvolume bricks       # name of the remote volume




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