[Gluster-users] Live CD or alternative format to Live USB stick

Nicholas Ferguson nferguson at nephilacapital.com
Fri Dec 11 20:39:06 UTC 2009

Thanks for getting back with me, I really appreciate it.  


The VMDK provided is designed to work with VMWare workstation.   It has
an IDE type backing which is basically unsupported for ESX based VMs.  


I have gotten around this by going through the initial install routine
in VM Workstation and installing to a SCSI disk, then exporting this VM
to ESX.  This works just fine.  The VM boots and lands on the Graphical
Login prompt.  However, things go pear shaped from here, as the default
password fails.  


A quick cntr + alt + D brings up the desktop and I went into Network
Device Control.  All networks appear offline, I corrected this and was
then able to browse to internet sites so I know networking is


I have not changed the password since converting the VM from a
Workstation format to an ESX format.  The default password continues to
work on the Workstation source.   I jumped down to a console prompt,
changed to the GLUSTER directory and reviewed the files.  The password
listed in the config and config.xml file is the one I am trying.  I am
not sure where to go from here.


Any assistance, advice, or subtle hints, would be very much appreciated.



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    Thanks a lot for the words.  We have vmdk image presetn at this


    We will release iso also in subsequent time as we are fixing few
issues there. 

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On Fri, Dec 11, 2009 at 7:32 PM, Nicholas Ferguson
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Good Morning,

First, let me congratulate the developers and community support on a
great product and an impressive release milestone.

I am very eager to try Gluster Storage Platform on some ESX based
virtual machines.  I have no method of using the bootable USB to
accomplish this.

Are there any plan on creating a bootable Live CD for installation and
or releasing and ESX based VMDK?

Again, congratulations, great work!


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