[Gluster-users] glusterfs-volgen in 3.0 broken?

Smart Weblications GmbH - Florian Wiessner f.wiessner at smart-weblications.de
Thu Dec 10 03:18:00 UTC 2009

Am 10.12.2009 02:06, schrieb Jeremy Enos:
> Glad you clarified that, as I was going to ask.  I guess since stripe +
> afr was my previous 2.7 configuration, then I'll have to leave supported
> land for a period if I want to maintain that w/ 3.0.  Would much rather
> have volgen create it for me, but I'll wait for the next version for
> that I guess.  stripe + afr is coming in the next minor version then?
> thx-
>     Jeremy
> Amar Tumballi wrote:
>>> Thank you. And what about raid 10 (stripe + afr?)
>> Currently only Raid 1 and Raid 0 are supported. Technically, stripe + replicate should work fine, but it will be added in glusterfs-volgen only after the team tests and certifies the configuration. Currently, only the configs which are tested will be generated from glusterfs-volgen.
>> Any configurations which are not generated from volgen are not guaranteed to work right now. (Well, most of the common settings with earlier versions (raid1/raid0/distribute only) should work fine anyways.

Confirmed - i tried replicate + stripe, stripe + replicate and replicate +
distribute and all works fine, though i found out that with 4 nodes the setup
like this performs best, giving me about 80mb/sek write, 100mb/sek read with
gbit connection:

volume mirror-0
    type cluster/replicate
    subvolumes node01 node02

volume mirror-1
    type cluster/replicate
    subvolumes node03 node04

volume stripe-0
    type cluster/stripe
    subvolumes mirror-0 mirror-1


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