[Gluster-users] Fwd: self-healing problem

Christian Schab christian.schab at me.com
Thu Aug 20 08:41:56 UTC 2009

Am 20.08.2009 um 10:28 schrieb Vikas Gorur:

> ----- "Christian Schab" <christian.schab at me.com> wrote:
>> It is just used as another copy of data.
>> I feel like using such a local brick optimizes the performance very
>> much.
> In that case you should set the option read-subvolume to "brick",
> so that reads go to the local brick.

When I use this option, and the file isn't available in "brick", does  
it automatically loads the file from a fileserver?

>> No, we change file in the mounted directory.
>> So the new files is immediately replicated to the second fileserver.
> Ok. Can you explain in more detail where you're doing the modification
> from, and when self-heal is triggered?

The glusterfs mounted directory is alwasys called "/srv".

On Fileserver 1:
I copy a file from a local disk ('/root' for exaple) to '/srv/xxx/ 
Doing it on console or per ftp its the same here.
Making a 'ls -lh /srv/xxx/' shows the new file.

On FIleserver 2:
Making a 'ls -lh /srv/xxx/' shows the new file.

On Webserver:
Making a  'ls -lh /srv/xxx/' the first time shows the new file.
Making again 'ls -lh /srv/xxx/' shows the old file :-(

The log on the Webserver says:
afr: self-healing file /www/XXXX/yyyyyyy.gif from subvolume brick to 2  

And now the old file ist now on the Fileserver again ... :-(

I hope this helps ...


> Vikas
> -- 
> Engineer - http://gluster.com/

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