[Gluster-users] double traffic usage since upgrade?

Mark Mielke mark at mark.mielke.cc
Mon Aug 17 14:42:32 UTC 2009

On 08/17/2009 08:06 AM, Shehjar Tikoo wrote:
> For a start, we've aimed at getting apache and unfs3 to work with 
> booster. The functional support for both in booster is complete in
> 2.0.6 release.
> For a list of system calls supported by booster, please see:
> http://www.gluster.org/docs/index.php/BoosterConfiguration
> There can be applications which need un-boosted syscalls also to be
> usable over GlusterFS. For such a scenario we have two ways booster
> can be used. Both approaches are described at the page linked above
> but in short, you're right in thinking that when the un-supported
> syscalls are also needed to go over FUSE, we are, as you said, leaking
> or redirecting calls over the FUSE mount point.

Hi Shehjar:

That's fine, I think, as long as it is recognized that trapping system 
call open() as booster is implemented today probably does not trap 
fopen() on Linux. If apache and unfs3 always call open() directly, and 
you are trapping this, then your purpose is being served.

I was kind of hoping you had found a way around --disable-hidden-plt, so 
I could steal the idea from you. Too bad. :-)


Mark Mielke<mark at mielke.cc>

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