[Gluster-users] using glusterfs 2.0 replication

Sven Kummer mail at proxworx.org
Mon Aug 17 06:57:28 UTC 2009

> > I never read from the export directory directly, the clients only 
> > reading from the specific mount point (/mnt/glusterfs).
> > I removed the files in the export directory on server1 only for 
> > simulating a hdd crash (files lost) and want the server1-daemon to 
> > resync it's export directory with the other server.
> ls -lR /mnt/glusterfs should restore the deleted files.
> If not, then either glusterfsd on server1 is not running, or 
> there must be something amiss in the config.
> Please post your volume files.

--- glusterfsd.vol

volume posix
  type storage/posix
  option directory /home/storage/export

volume locks
  type features/locks
  subvolumes posix

volume brick
  type performance/io-threads
  option thread-count 8
  subvolumes locks

volume server
  type protocol/server
  option transport-type tcp
  option auth.addr.brick.allow,
  subvolumes brick

--- glusterfs.vol

volume remote1
  type protocol/client
  option transport-type tcp
  option remote-host client1
  option remote-subvolume brick

volume remote2
  type protocol/client
  option transport-type tcp
  option remote-host client2
  option remote-subvolume brick

volume replicate
  type cluster/replicate
  subvolumes remote1 remote2

volume writebehind
  type performance/write-behind
  option window-size 1MB
  subvolumes replicate

volume cache
  type performance/io-cache
  option cache-size 512MB
  subvolumes writebehind


You wrote about AFR. Maybe I use the wrong replication options? (type
cluster/replicate) ?

Thank you very much!

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