[Gluster-users] using glusterfs 2.0 replication

Sven mail at proxworx.org
Sun Aug 16 17:57:37 UTC 2009

Hi all,

i'm new to glusterfs and got some questions about replication.
After reading documentation/examples, I choosed using a 2-server replication
setup. (Config files copied from here:

I'm starting with some tests now, and maybe I missunderstand the replication

If I put some files through the client to the servers, they are repliacted
nice. The files are available on server1 and server2 too. But if I simulate
a crash (shuting down server1 glusterfsd, and remove files from server1
export directory - then bring server1 glusterfsd up again), the files from
server2 export directory would be not resynced to server1 export directory.
This could be fatal, because any client could read from server1 (and doesn't
found any files).

Any suggestions?


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