[Gluster-users] double traffic usage since upgrade?

Liam Slusser lslusser at gmail.com
Fri Aug 14 17:04:48 UTC 2009

I've been running 2.0.3 with two backend bricks and a frontend client of
mod_gluster/apache 2.2.11+worker for a few weeks now without much issue.
 Last night i upgraded to 2.0.6 only to find out that mod_gluster has been
removed and is recommending to use the booster library - which is fine but i
didnt have time to test it last night so i just mounted the whole filesystem
with a fuse mount and figured id test the booster config later and then
swap.  I did try running the 2.0.3 mod_gluster module with the 2.0.6 bricks
but apache kept segfaulting (every 10 seconds) and then would spawn another
process which would reconnect and keep going.  I figured it was dropping a
client request every few seconds which is why i went with the fuse mount
until i could test the booster library.

Well, before with mod_gluster, we would be pushing around 200mbit of web
traffic and it would evenly distribute that 200mbit between our two bricks -
so server1 would be pushing 100mbit and server2 would be pushing another
100mbit.  Basically both inbound from the backend bricks and outbound from
apache was basically identical.  Except of course if one of the backend
glusterd processes died for whatever reason the other remaining brick would
take the whole load and its traffic would double as you would expect.
 Perfect, all was happy.

Now using gluster 2.0.6 and fuse both server bricks are pushing the full
200mbit of traffic - so i basically have 400mbit of incoming traffic from
the gluster bricks but the same 200mbit of web traffic.  I can deal, but i
only have a shared gigabit link between my client server and backend bricks
and im already eating up basically 50% of that pipe.  It is also putting a
much larger load on both bricks since i have basically doubled the disk IO
time and traffic.  Is this a feature? Bug?


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