[Gluster-users] bonnie hangs with glusterFS 2.0.4

Konstantin A. Lepikhov lakostis at unsafe.ru
Tue Aug 11 11:03:52 UTC 2009

Hi Julien!

Tuesday 11, at 12:14:27 PM you wrote:

> The test took ages, literally. I stopped it after 24 hours and the
> rewrite part wasn't finished yet.
> Still nothing in logs except usual connection messages.
> Note : Even when bonnie hang, the volume was still accessible via other
> programs (ie shell).
> These tests are taking too long, so I think I will drop bonnie and do
> simpler tests (kernel compilations). I'll keep you posted.
You can try to git clone kernel source and switch between different tags.
It's also very good test.

WBR et al.

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