[Gluster-users] Server side mount point confusion

Justin Kolb jkolb at realtour.biz
Wed Aug 5 13:46:10 UTC 2009

Thanks for the clarification, it's what I had figured but wanted to make 

Have another question: is it possible to dynamically add AFR nodes 
(preferably without bringing down the server processes)?

I added an entry for a non-existent server yesterday in the AFR 
configuration and it appeared to hang the process when I would attempt 
to access the client data. It may have been due to invalid network 
configuration on the server I was working on. I would like to know 
before I experiment much more (and waste time) if it's even possible.

Daniel Maher wrote:
> Justin Kolb wrote:
>> If you have an AFR server and a process on the server writes or reads 
>> directly from the server's mount point (not using a glusterfs client 
>> connection) how does that affect replication?
> Interacting with the « raw » data is a generally a no-no.  
> Interactions should be done via the client or else they will not be 
> reflected on any other members of the storage group.
>> correctly, or if doing this negatively affects the system. If so is 
>> there a good way to help to avoid this type of direct access?
> There's nothing stopping you from running both a client and a server 
> process on a given machine.  It's the same binary - just a different 
> invocation.
> -- 
> dan.
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