[Gluster-users] Server side mount point confusion

Justin Kolb jkolb at realtour.biz
Tue Aug 4 18:49:34 UTC 2009

If you have an AFR server and a process on the server writes or reads 
directly from the server's mount point (not using a glusterfs client 
connection) how does that affect replication?

I'm trying out a simple test environment at the moment and I setup a 1 
server and 1 client on the same computer. I touched a file from the 
glusterfs client mount point and noted it appeared in the normal server 
mount point. Then I touched a file on the server mount point and it 
appeared on the client, but since I do not have another computer to test 
with I'm not sure if this second test would have been replicated 
correctly, or if doing this negatively affects the system. If so is 
there a good way to help to avoid this type of direct access?

My goal is to have simple fail-over with 2 servers replicating data 
between themselves with apache on each one serving files only from their 
local copy of the glusterd data. I'm assuming the apache configuration 
has to use the local client mount point for its document root.

Any pointers for such a setup are much appreciated.

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