[Gluster-users] aufs uid gid problem

Tobias Wilken tw at cloudcontrol.de
Sat Aug 1 06:19:54 UTC 2009

Hi all,
I'm using glusterfs in comination with aufs.

With aufs I mount a read-only directory from the local harddisk and a
writable directory from the glusterfs together.
It works fine, so far. The only problem occurs if I change a file insides a
directory of the read-only directory.

Aufs normal behavior is to create the directory structure for the changed
file in the writable directory and keeps the uid and gid.

If I use glusterfs the directories are created with root as user and group,
which leads to many "permission denied"'s.

:-) I'm not sure if i make my point , to think about it, is easier than

I'm not sure if it is a glusterfs problem or an aufs problem.

Best regards
Tobias Wilken

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