[Gluster-users] rsync and glusterfs

Daniel Maher dma+gluster at witbe.net
Thu Apr 30 10:41:08 UTC 2009

Sean Davis wrote:
> I'm using 2.0.0rc8 on openSuse.  I have a system of four servers 
> combined via distribute (I can send volfiles if anyone wants to see).  I 
> have been using rsync to transfer some files over to a glusterfs volume 
> from an nfs server.  I use a command like:
> rsync -av dir host1:/mnt/glusterfs/
> This is working fine.  However, when I stopped the process and then 
> restarted the rsync process using:
> rsync -av dir host2:/mnt/glusterfs/
> the files are rewritten for some reason.  If I then stop the process and 
> go back to host1, the already-copied files are appropriately skipped.  
> In other words, rsync treats the files differently based on what client 
> did the original writing.  Any suggestions as to what is going on?


Have you tried passing -X to the rsync in order to ensure that the 
xattrs are properly processed ?

Daniel Maher <dma+gluster AT witbe DOT net>

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