[Gluster-users] When 2.0 become stable?

cnr cnr.roxx at gmail.com
Wed Apr 29 09:06:13 UTC 2009

Hello everyone!

I'm new on this list so first of all I want to say big 'Hi' to 
everybody!  And big 'Thanks' to developers ;)

I have to swap my old NFS box for some kind of distributed file system 
quite soon. I have just chacked out GlusterFS 1.3 (from Debian testing 
packages) and GlusterFS 2.0RC8 from sources and I really like the idea 
of FUSE and vol-files :) But due to big differences between 1.3 
(unify/afr) and 2.0 (dht/replicate) I want to avoid setting up 1.3 and 
then upgrading it to 2.0.

So my question is: Does anybody can tell me when will be stable 
GlusterFS2.0 released? Is it matter of weeks or months?

I couldn't find such information in Gluster Wiki but I found noyhing but 
the feature roadmap.

Thanx in advance for any information.

Konrad Szeromski

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