[Gluster-users] processor requirements

Harald Stürzebecher haralds at cs.tu-berlin.de
Wed Apr 22 07:45:28 UTC 2009


2009/4/21 randall <randall at songshu.org>:
> dear all,
> have been lurking this list for some weeks now and this is my first post,
> apologies if the question has been answered already.
> i've been checking the example set ups etc.. and i noticed most of them show
> some heavy processors, and actually i always thought that the processor does
> not really matter that much for a file server.
> anybody has a pointer to the (server side) processor requirements?

AFAIK, the processor "just" affects performance.
A while ago I tested one of the 1.3.x releases on two old Athlon 1,2
GHz machines sitting around in a university lab. IIRC, performance was
limited by the 100Mbit/s Ethernet connection but processor load was
close behind as a limiting factor.

IMHO, testing would be the best way to find out if a machine meets
your requirements.
Searching the mailing-list archive might give some pointers.

My suggestion: start with what you have, continue from there.
That might be your desktop PC with virtual machines or a server that
just got replaced and is going to be scrapped or reinstalled for some
other use anyway. It might even be the new server that
_has_to_be_load-tested_ ;-)  before being used in the production

Harald Stürzebecher

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