[Gluster-users] Hot-adding storage bricks

Ron Gage ron at rongage.org
Mon Apr 20 13:18:26 UTC 2009


I am considering implementing Gluster for my storage requirements.  I 
have a couple of questions regarding the process of adding storage to an 
existing cluster.

Let's say that I start off quite modestly - 2 storage bricks - and after 
a while, I want to update this cluster to add another storage brick or 
two.  Do I have to bring down the cluster to add a storage brick?  Is it 
a simple matter of modifying the volfile on the individual bricks and 
sending a SIGHUP to each brick?  Do the clients automatically recognize 
the added storage bricks (presuming that the storage is defined on brick 
and not on the client)?  If I add storage to a set of bricks, do the 
files automatically rebalance out across all the bricks or will I have 
some bricks with almost no data on them while other bricks are almost 
filled (would the AFR translator help here)?

My end goal is to essentially build a "raid-10" type array out of 
Gluster bricks that I can dynamically add storage to as needed.


Ron Gage

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