[Gluster-users] Parity for NUFA ?

Julien Cornuwel julien at cornuwel.net
Wed Apr 1 14:44:53 UTC 2009


I just discovered GlusterFS and it looks great ! I will definitely give
it a try. Soon.
In particular, the NUFA translator seems to meet my needs (use local
resources as far as possible). I've read most of the documentation about
NUFA but I still have some unanswered questions :

- What happens if a node fills up its entire local storage ? Are new
data transfered to another node ? Or does it crash ?
- What about data protection ? As I understand it, if a node dies in a
NUFA cluster, its files are gone with it ?

On http://www.gluster.org/docs/index.php/GlusterFS_Roadmap_Suggestions
Jshook say that in order to combine NUFA and afr functionnality, you
just have to use afr with local volume name, and have read-subvolume
option set to local volume. That's true in the case of a 2 nodes
cluster, but in a 100 nodes cluster, you would still have the capacity
of only 1 node, and 100 copies of each file. Am I right ?

What would be great is to have the ability to create parity bricks :
something like having 98 nodes in a NUFA cluster and 2 parity nodes that
are just here in case a node (or two) went down. I saw that you had
graid6 on your roadmap, so do you think that's possible ? And if so,
when (approximately) ?

Anyway, thanks for the work you made so far. I'll certainly be back
annoying you when I'll start testing it ;-)


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