[Gluster-users] loading 'features/posix-locks' on server side may help your application

Vikas Gorur vikas at zresearch.com
Wed Apr 1 09:17:37 UTC 2009

2009/4/1 Vu Tong Minh <vtminh at fpt.net>:
> I tried to load posix_locks on node1 too, but I got error:

Sorry, my bad. Got a little confused.

The problem with your config is that you should export the "locks"
volume from the server and specify "locks" as the remote-subvolume in

So your configuration should be:

1,2,3's config:
volume  storage1
        type    protocol/client
        option  transport-type  tcp/client
        option  remote-host     210.245.xxx.xxx
        option  remote-subvolume        locks

4's config:
volume brick
  type storage/posix
  option directory /store

volume locks
  type features/posix-locks
  subvolumes brick

volume server
  type protocol/server
  option transport-type tcp/server
  option auth.addr.locks.allow  *
  subvolumes locks

Engineer - Z Research

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