[Gluster-users] Technical questions

Daniel Maher dma+gluster at witbe.net
Mon Sep 29 07:50:56 UTC 2008

Antoine Nguyen wrote:

> I have the following architecture : a cluster with 4 nodes configured to 
> do server-side AFR. I'm not using the UNIFY translator. There is a 
> dedicated network for replication. This is working pretty well. In order 
> to test this setup, a client machine access nodes randomly by a round 
> robin DNS address.
> This model is inspired by examples I've seen on the official wiki. On 
> those examples, the AFR volume on each node is "under" a UNIFY volume. 
> When I start glusterfsd, a message appeared, saying : "WARNING: You have 
> defined only one "subvolumes" for unify volume. It may not be the 
> desired config, review your volume spec file. If this is how you are 
> testing it, you may hit some performance penalty".
> This message confirms what I'm thinking : it seems that the unify volume 
> is useless in this kind of configuration. Is there a (good) reason in 
> defining a unify volume ?

In this _particular_ scenario there is no obvious reason to be using the 
Unify translator.  In fact, when i set up my first Gluster config in 
this fashion, i too used the Unify translator erroneously - it caused 
nothing but problems until i got rid of it. :P

Daniel Maher <dma+gluster AT witbe DOT net>

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