[Gluster-users] glusterfs performance

Graeme graeme at sudo.ca
Fri Sep 19 00:10:53 UTC 2008

Keith Freedman wrote:
> However, there's overhead on every file access--gluster has to check 
> the other AFR servers to make sure it has the latest version, then it 
> can read from the local volume.  so for small files this overhead 
> becomes significant but for huge files it should be minimal.

Ok, well, bonnie benchmarks with eight 1GB files, but I'm still seeing a 
50% performance reduction in reads. 1GB files fall into the "huge" 
category for me.

> my network bandwidth between 2 AFR'ed servers is about 50% less with 
> 1.4 than it was with 1.3, also response time seems to be about 20% 
> faster.
> so I'd look to build 1.4 and see if that improves the situation

Alright, sounds like the general word is to just use the 1.4 branch, and 
don't roll it out until 1.4 goes stable. I'll try and get some 1.4 
packaging and benchmarking done tomorrow, and I'll see how it goes.


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