[Gluster-users] glusterfs performance

Graeme graeme at sudo.ca
Thu Sep 18 19:04:47 UTC 2008

Hi all,

Just doing some initial testing on glusterfs (1.3.10, Debian packages),
and I'm somewhat underwhelmed with the performance. I setup up a test
AFR and a test Unify config with two systems connected by a local,
managed gigabit switch. My configs have POSIX locking, read-ahead,
write-behind, and threaded i/o enabled (in that order) on the server
side. I then compared bonnie output on the raw filesystems to the
gluster output.

Machine 1: 72 MB/sec block write, 72MB/sec block read, 29 MB/sec block
Machine 2: 36 MB/sec block write, 72MB/sec block read, 21 MB/sec block
gluster-AFR: 22 MB/sec block write, 24 MB/sec block read, 9 MB/sec block
gluster-Unify (ALU scheduler): 21 MB/sec, 20 MB/sec block read, 8.8
MB/sec block rewrite.

The file operation speeds on the initial machines were in thousands to
tens of thousands of operations a second. On both glusterfs configs they
were in the hundreds of ops/sec. The client I was testing on was Machine
1, since it had the higher overall performance and was under less load.

Is this expected performance with gluster for a small number of nodes on
TCP/IP? Or am I missing some critical piece of configuration? In
particular, I thought that in an AFR config the client was supposed to
automatically stripe read requests across available volumes, but the
read performance doesn't seem to indicate that's happening, considering
the requests it sends to itself should be able to get close to its
normal ~70MB/sec rate.

Any tips would be appreciated.  :) 


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