[Gluster-users] GlusterFS suddenly started crashing

Keith Freedman freedman at FreeFormIT.com
Mon Sep 15 03:33:28 UTC 2008

are you using the system fuse or gluster fuse?

what os versions/fuse versions are you using?

did you do any os/fuse upgrades recently?

I've been having some similar problems.  The gluster devs are working 
on some test scenarios to figure out what's going on, but my 
suspicions are that it's more of a fuse related issue than gluster 
itself, but I dunno.

I'm sure the above info will be helpful in debugging.

At 10:36 AM 9/14/2008, Will Rouesnel wrote:
>Today my glusterFS system, which had been stable for about 4 months 
>or so (1.3.10) started crashing on me for no discernible reason. I 
>can start the system up all right, but as soon as I try to access 
>some of my directories the whole system will freeze and then 
>generally the backend goes down (I get transport not connected). 
>This takes several minutes - logfiles attached, as well as config 
>files. Can anyone suggest why this might have suddenly started happening?
>- Will

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