[Gluster-users] cluster/afr not mirroring 100%?

Jason Haar Jason.Haar at trimble.co.nz
Fri Oct 10 20:38:12 UTC 2008

Jason Haar wrote:
> To reiterate: I have two bricks (both /home/export) via 2 servers,
> mounted on two clients as /mnt/glusterfs. I then copied data (on one
> client) into /mnt/glusterfs and saw the data start showing up under
> /home/export on both servers. However, after killing the copy, I have
> inconsistent files under /home/export. I then ran
> "find /mnt/glusterfs/ -type f -print0 | xargs -0 head -c1 > /dev/null"
> to force glusterfs to read every file, and that didn't change the state
> of /home/export on the two bricks. Ah, I've just noticed that running
> "du /mnt/glusterfs" on both clients also produces inconsistent output -
> that certainly shouldn't be happening?
...and it's repeatable for me. I just umounted the two clients, killed
the server daemons and restarted glusterfs again, did a copy and got
similar results. First I copied a single file - and that worked fine.
Then I started a "rsync -a /etc/ /mnt/glusterfs/newDir" - and killed it
off. Then I did a "find /mnt/glusterfs/newDir -exec cat..." to ensure
both clients should be in sync - and they aren't???

I see a whole bunch of these in the glusterfsd.log file of the server
with the *larger* number of files

2008-10-11 09:25:40 W [posix.c:912:posix_utimens] brick: utimes on
/etc/rc.local: No such file or directory

I think they are ignorable - they appears to all refer to symlinks - but
I'll mention them anyway.


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