[Gluster-users] FW: Why does glusterfs not automatically fix these kinds of problems?

Will Rouesnel supremeoverlordofcreation at gmail.com
Thu Oct 2 05:23:51 UTC 2008

 Fwd'ing this since it seems my reply and your response didn't actually go
to the mailing list.

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At 08:47 PM 10/1/2008, you wrote:
>Unison operates on the gluster mount, yes. My suspicion has been that 
>it could be gluster extended attributes, but I was under the impression 
>they were only used for AFR (which I'm not using, just the unify 
>translater) and more over I've had a look with attr on my files and 
>can't see any custom attributes.
>What's really bothering me is that gluster can clearly detect these 
>files, it just won't heal the unify namespace with them despite doing 
>it for all others.

ahh, this makes more sense.. and sadly, it's out of my realm of expertise,
but hopefully one of the devs will chime in.

>- Will
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>these kinds of problems?
>I dont know for sure, but my guess is that these files dont have the 
>gluster extended attributes on them so it might be loosing it's mind over
>if you move them and copy them back into the gluster mounted 
>filesystem, does that fix the problem?
>when you use unison, you're not using the underlying filesystem, but 
>you're using the gluster mount, correct?
>I think gluster doesn't like when the underlying filesystem is acted on 
>At 09:22 AM 10/1/2008, Will Rouesnel wrote:
> >Simple unify configuration with bricks running on the same system 
> >(multiple hard disks):
> >
> >2008-10-02 02:11:14 E [fuse-bridge.c:715:fuse_fd_cbk]
> >glusterfs-fuse: 1534391: (12) /home/will/documents/University/PhD
> >2008/Experiments/Silver nanocube rapid polyol 
> >synthesis/Photos/P8130384.JPG => -1 (5)
> >2008-10-02 02:11:14 E [unify.c:882:unify_open] unify:
> >/home/will/documents/University/PhD 2008/Experiments/Silver nanocube 
> >rapid polyol synthesis/Photos/P8130385.JPG: entry_count is 1
> >2008-10-02 02:11:14 E [unify.c:885:unify_open] unify:
> >/home/will/documents/University/PhD 2008/Experiments/Silver nanocube 
> >rapid polyol synthesis/Photos/P8130385.JPG: found on brick7
> >
> >This only seems to happen with specific directories in my home 
> >directory (which is hosted on glusterfs and I keep synchronized with 
> >Unison). For whatever reason, this seems to be a recurring error - 
> >the files are physically present on the bricks, but simply will not 
> >show up in the namespace or under the actual glusterfs mount.
> >
> >I've tried deleting the namespace brick (with gluster offline) and I 
> >am definitely running the same server and client version (1.3.12).
> >Does anyone have any ideas *why* this keeps happening and why it 
> >would keep happening to (apparently) only files in certain 
> >directories? I have about 400-500 files not showing up in this 
> >fashion. Moreover, how come despite finding the files, does glusterfs 
> >apparently not self-heal them to the namespace brick? Can I adjust 
> >the trace translater to give an idea on whether it can access the files
or not?
> >
> >- Will
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