[Gluster-users] Why does glusterfs not automatically fix these kinds of problems?

Keith Freedman freedman at FreeFormIT.com
Wed Oct 1 18:50:53 UTC 2008

I dont know for sure, but my guess is that these files dont have the 
gluster extended attributes on them so it might be loosing it's mind over that.
if you move them and copy them back into the gluster mounted 
filesystem, does that fix the problem?

when you use unison, you're not using the underlying filesystem, but 
you're using the gluster mount, correct?

I think gluster doesn't like when the underlying filesystem is acted 
on directly.

At 09:22 AM 10/1/2008, Will Rouesnel wrote:
>Simple unify configuration with bricks running on the same system 
>(multiple hard disks):
>2008-10-02 02:11:14 E [fuse-bridge.c:715:fuse_fd_cbk] 
>glusterfs-fuse: 1534391: (12) /home/will/documents/University/PhD 
>2008/Experiments/Silver nanocube rapid polyol 
>synthesis/Photos/P8130384.JPG => -1 (5)
>2008-10-02 02:11:14 E [unify.c:882:unify_open] unify: 
>/home/will/documents/University/PhD 2008/Experiments/Silver nanocube 
>rapid polyol synthesis/Photos/P8130385.JPG: entry_count is 1
>2008-10-02 02:11:14 E [unify.c:885:unify_open] unify: 
>/home/will/documents/University/PhD 2008/Experiments/Silver nanocube 
>rapid polyol synthesis/Photos/P8130385.JPG: found on brick7
>This only seems to happen with specific directories in my home 
>directory (which is hosted on glusterfs and I keep synchronized with 
>Unison). For whatever reason, this seems to be a recurring error - 
>the files are physically present on the bricks, but simply will not 
>show up in the namespace or under the actual glusterfs mount.
>I've tried deleting the namespace brick (with gluster offline) and I 
>am definitely running the same server and client version (1.3.12). 
>Does anyone have any ideas *why* this keeps happening and why it 
>would keep happening to (apparently) only files in certain 
>directories? I have about 400-500 files not showing up in this 
>fashion. Moreover, how come despite finding the files, does 
>glusterfs apparently not self-heal them to the namespace brick? Can 
>I adjust the trace translater to give an idea on whether it can 
>access the files or not?
>- Will
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