[Gluster-users] Logging to syslog

Markus Gerstner m.gerstner at bmiag.de
Thu Jun 26 12:23:01 UTC 2008

Hi Anand,

a log translator would help a lot, but modifying the source will do for now, thanks. I just wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything that's already in place.

I can't tell if logging to syslog is desirable in general, however it certainly is for us. We're using a central syslog-Server to monitor our servers and their services - having our storagecluster-to-be based on glusterfs included in this central monitoring obviously is desirable.

Best Regards,
Markus Gerstner

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> Hi Markus,
> We are going to introduce a log translator which will
> enable centralized logging. As of now there is no support
> for syslog. If you need syslog support, you will have to
> add syslog call in gf_log function. Do you think it is
> desirable to go through syslog?
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> Markus Gerstner wrote:
> > Hey there,
> >
> > we'd like to have glusterFS log to syslog and couldn't find anything on
> the wiki nor on the mailing lists. Is there a convenient, built-in way of
> making glusterFS (clients and servers) log to syslog?
> >
> > Best Regards,
> > Markus Gerstner

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