[Gluster-users] rootfs, extended attributes

Christopher Hawkins chawkins at bplinux.com
Mon Jun 23 07:31:56 UTC 2008

I'm using the latest source tree from mainline 3.0, and running into an issue with extended attributes. I'm sure this is the expected behavior, but maybe the dev's can suggest a way around it?

I have a cluster node that boots into an initramfs and never leaves it. It loads the gluster executables and libraries, mounts glusterfs at /mnt/gluster, and then creates a bunch of symlinks into that mount. For example, it might create a /data symlink that points to /mnt/gluster/data. But now when I try to write a file to /data, it says that extended attributes are not enabled on the filesystem. Now in the node's root filesystem (rootfs / initramfs), that is true. But the filesystem being mounted does have extended attributes... Other than not using initramfs but instead mounting an ext3 formatted ramdisk as a root device, is there any way around this? Seems like it would work, but glusterfs sees the / rootfs with no extended attributes and won't try to write. Initramfs has a lot of advantages like dynamic resizing and memory efficiency and I would hate to move to a static ramdisk unless there is no other way. 

Penny for your thoughts...   Thanks! 

Christopher Hawkins

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