[Gluster-users] AFR dates problem

Keith Freedman freedman at FreeFormIT.com
Tue Dec 30 08:29:05 UTC 2008

> > so, in the case where they both differ, how will we know which time will be
> > associated with a file?
>The first subvol mentioned in the list is considered, if it is down,
>then the next is considered.

ok, so I made sure that my subvolume list on the servers is in the same order.
I had always listed the local volume first and the remote one second, 
but it sounds like this would lead to each node using it's own 
timestamps or do all the servers in the AFR elect a preferred 'first' subvol?

> > and will it fix the on-disk stamp or just ignore it provided the other
> > subvol is online?
>It will not fix the time stamp if they differ.

how about new files being replicated..  they'll get the timestamp of 
the server from which the source file is available?

in other words.. if I add a new empty volume, and AFR copies 
everything to it... what dates will be on the local files?

> > ideally, it will pick one, and make sure all the others are 'reset' to that
> > so that if the preferred vol goes offline, timestamps don't suddenly get
> > weird.
>True, but ideally all servers and clients should be time synced using
>ntp. For example if clients
>are not in sync, one of them might see time stamp of the future.

mine are using ntp, so, again, if they differ,it's by microseconds.


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