[Gluster-users] performance testing

Matt Lawrence matt.lawrence at tamu.edu
Mon Dec 29 18:08:39 UTC 2008

I'm doing some performance testing of glusterfs and I'm trying to figure 
out the best way to analyze the data generated.  iozone looks like a 
pretty good tool and I should be able to script an ensemble that varies 
the performance settings, but actually analyzing the generated data is 
too big a job to do manually.  I spent quite a while yesterday loading 
the results into Open Office and generating charts for four test runs.  
They look good, but it is far too large a job to do manually, an 
ensemble will probably consist of hundreds of runs.  My maintenance 
windows are this week on Wednesday & Thursday and I have no idea when I 
will be allowed to take the cluster down again.

Ideas?  Please?

-- Matt

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