[Gluster-users] tcp.so

Kun Richárd kun.richard at kirzen.hu
Mon Dec 29 15:37:33 UTC 2008


> I've noticed this too when using some of the prebuilt configurations.   
> Try specifying the transport-type as tcp/client or tcp/server rather than
> just tcp. 

> Example:  
> volume brick01
>  type protocol/client
>  option transport-type tcp/client
>  option remote-host
>  option remote-subvolume brick01
> end-volume
> volume server
>  type protocol/server
>  option transport-type tcp/server 
>  option auth.ip.brick01.allow 172.22.* 
>  subvolumes brick01
>  end-volume

yes, it was helpful, the server is ok, but on the client I get this message:

2008-12-29 15:48:05 E [xlator.c:120:xlator_set_type] xlator:
/usr/local/lib/glusterfs/1.3.12a/xlator/mount/fuse.so: cannot open shared
object file: No such file or directory

I reviewed my config, a found the "--enable-fuse-client" option to the
configuration script, but I get this message:
checking for fuse_req_interrupt_func in -lfuse... no
FUSE requested but not found.

I googled around, but I haven't found any usable.
Any idea or suggestion?

Please reply me too, I'm not in list.


 kun.richard at kirzen.hu

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