[Gluster-users] Problem with free space limits on servers.

Lior Goikhburg glior at hh.ru
Wed Dec 17 08:57:03 UTC 2008

Got unify over AFR with scheduler ALU. (gluster 1.4 rc1).

volume files-afr1
  type cluster/afr
  subvolumes client1 client2

volume files-afr2
  type cluster/afr
  subvolumes client3 client4

volume ns-afr
  type cluster/afr
  subvolumes ns1 ns2

volume files-unify
  type cluster/unify
  option namespace ns-afr
  subvolumes files-afr1 files-afr2
  option self-heal background
  option scheduler alu
  option alu.limits.min-free-disk  20%

Did a test to completely fill up the space on mounted drive, to see what 
All nodes got filled up to 100% despite the limit of 20% on nodes.
Why is this happening ?

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